Each of the software products in Amrak's solutions portfolio may be extended to enable complete and customizable solutions for companies and businesses who want to quickly build a strategic advantage through latest technologies.

Amrak Solutions also recognizes that successful business applications must be perfectly aligned with business strategies, management, and employee.   Therefore, Amrak approaches every application as a unique solution to a particular business need.

When you work with Amrak, you get the benefit of our in-depth knowledge of programming, database technologies, e-commerce, and project management applied to design your business solution.   Amrak can also help you extend your solution as your business needs grow in future.

ImSphere Series
ImSphere Series of solutions provides a comprehensive extensible platform for manufacturing industries. This includes small and large industries of wide variety. Amrak has implemented ImSphere series at various food and beverage, auto manufacturing (including big threes), and pharmaceutical sites. Following are some key components of the ImSphere solution.
  • ImSphere Recipes Manager
  • ImSphere Production Schedular
  • ImSphere Ingredients Manager
  • ImSphere Products Manager
  • ImSphere Batch Manager
  • ImSphere Clean In Place (CIP) Manager
  • ImSphere Alarms Manager
  • ImSphere Preventative Maintenance System
Business Management Series
Business Management Series consist of solutions to assist in managing and accelerating business at headoffice level.
  • Forecasting Solutions
  • Order Management Solutions
  • Internet Commerce
  • Business to Business Integration
  • Multilingual Software Solutions
  • Projects Management Solutions
  • Documents Management Solutions
  • Integration with Legacy Systems (SAP, JDE, Mainframes, etc)